• AQUARIS CLEAR WATER for freshwater and sea aquariums.

    Usage: AQUARIS CLEAR WATER reliably removes pollutants from tap water and should be used every time the water is refreshed or when the aquarium is rearranged. This way the tap water will get fish- and plant-ready. Using AQUARIS CLEAR WATER on a regular base will protect the membranes of your fish optimally. The harmful chlorine and heavy-metal rests are bound. The vitamin B-complex reduces the stress-sensitivity of all aquarium inhabitants. This supports the biological balance of all microorganisms and makes your fish shine in the most beautiful colors. You will achieve the best effect by combining AQUARIS CLEAR WATER with AQUARIS BAKTERO START.

  • Dosage: 25 ml AQUARIS CLEAR WATER for 100 liter water. (1 lid = 30 ml) Please store on a dry and cold place. / Batch nr. see print.

    Art.-No.: 707101
    Volume: 250 ml
    Art.-No.: 707102
    Volume: 500 ml
    Art.-No.: 707105
    Volume: 5 l



  • AQUARIS BAKTERO START: Millions of bacteria provide a functioning bio-system in your aquarium.

    Usage: AQUARIS BAKTERO START contains bacteria cultures (min. 100 million/ml) which:

    • turn tap water in fish-ready water in moments
    • decompose ammonia and nitride in a natural way
    • extend the filter-cleaning intervals
    • clearly improve the result of filtering
    • support every water refreshment
    • intensify the long-term biological self-cleaning effect of the aquarium biotope
  • Tip:Ideal in combination with AQUARIS CLEAR WATER for an optimal environment of the useful microorganisms.

    Initial dosage: 20 ml for 100 liter water during three weeks.

    Dosage after filter-cleaning, use of pharmaceutic chemicals, or water refreshmentl: 10 ml on 100 ltr water (1 lid = 20 ml).

    Keep away from children and pets! Please store on a dry and cold place. / Batch nr. see print.

    Art.-No.: 707103 Volume: 250 ml

    Art.-No.: 707106 Volume: 5 l



  • By using AQUARIS AQUA FLORA you will get full-colored aquarium plants within a few days. With periodic fertilization you will achieve a beautiful, splendid growth shift. The nutrients and trace elements are fine-tuned to guarantee an optimal nutrition of all water plants and to support the natural balance of the whole aquarium biotope. With the fertilization tabs you will achieve targeted additional fertilization of the plant roots.
  • Dosage: 10 ml AQUARIS AQUA FLORA /week on 100 ltr water (1lid=20ml)

    Keep away from children and pets! Please store on a dry and cold place. / Batch nr. see print.

    Art.-No.: 707104 Volume: 250 ml



  • AQUARIS ALGAE STOP ensures a mild, biological way of fighting algae in the aquarium. It guarantees fast help in the case of strong algae infestation and works against green-, bard-, brush- and blue algae. Also, it prevents new algae from growing.

    Use: After first usage every 3 weeks. In the case of strong algae infestation use 10ml. Pro 100ltr.

    Instructions and notes: Remove rests of product from the canalisation. Keep freeze-free, When in contact with eyes, rinse out with water. Biocide fluids should be handled with caution. Read the product instructions before use.
  • Ingredients: Coppersulfat (1.2 g/L) Monolinuron (500 mg/L),

    Please store dry and cold.
    Charge No.:
    see print

    Art.-No.: 707108
    Volume: ℮ 100 ml
    Art.-No.: 707109
    Volume: ℮ 250 ml