• Aquaris Algen Stop is a pure natural product, which regulates the quality of the water and helps to restrain the growth of algae to the maximum. Aquaris Algen Stopp makes optimal living conditions of the fish and the life in the pond possible.
    Aquaris Algen Stop strengthens the multiplication of microorganisms. Algen Stopp enriches the water with worthful minerals.
    Aquaris Algen Stop improves the health of the fish and their appetite and strengthens the color development.
    Aquaris Algen Stop makes higher oxygen content possible. This means that the harmful substances are being degraded more quickly. With Aquaris Algen StopYou don´t need any special algae agent more. Aquaris Algen Stop is also intended for swimming ponds and is not harmful for people and animals. With Aquaris Algen Stop he turbidity of the water will disappear in a short time and make Your pond water crystal-clear.
    Aquaris Algen Stop
    binds sediment loads, which can simply be removed from the filter.

  • Dosage:
    First use: 2x a month 100gr. per 3000 ltr water. Afterwards 1x a month 100gr per 3000 ltr. water.

    Use: Simply sprinkle Aquaris Algen Stop over the water surface (distribute evenly). When used on a regular basis, the pond will be crystal-clear and algae-free. You don´t need any algaecides or products on base of copper and/or zinc oxide. This way You will save the life in the pond and the environment.

    Warning: Use biocides safely! Read the product information before use.

    When used properly, no side effects have been found. Must not land in children's hands. Contains no chemicals..



  • Aquaris Bio Algo Remove, the solution for crystal-clear water.

    Aquaris Bio Algo Remove
    is particularly developed to clean Your pond water in a simple and fast way and to remove harmful substances, such as nitrates and ammonia. Aquaris Bio Algo Remove contains naturally effective substances, which neutralize harmful substances in the pond water. Your pond water will be clean and stay clean for a longer time in just a few hours. By removing these harmful substances from the pond water You will also slow down the growth of filamentous algae.

  • Use:

    Melt 60gr. Aquaris Bio Algo Remove per 1000ltr pond water in tepid water and distribute the solution evenly over Your pond. While You are putting the substance in the pond, the water-pump must be turned off. Turn the water-pump on after 15-20 minutes to pump away the pollution.



  • Aquaris Pond Essential,the only right start for Your pond water.

    Aquaris Pond Essential
    is particularly developed to make Your new pond ready to use. This product contains billions of especially chosen microorganisms to speed up the right start of Your pond water. Within 48 hours a good biotope will be created. Most owners fill their ponds with tap water. In tap water there are almost no microorganisms and it contains disinfectants, which inhibit growth of bacteria. When You use Luma Start in Your pond, the disinfectants will be degraded. The microorganisms in this product speed up the building of a biotope – this is essential for healthy pond water. Immediately after using Aquaris Pond Essential you can put plants in Your pond and after 48 hours also the first fish.
  • Use:

    Melt 60gr. Aquaris Pond Essential per 1000ltr water in tepid water and distribute the solution evenly over Your pond.