• AQUARIS REPIT MIX:The carefully chosen ingredients, such as natural calcium and other minerals from gammarus, are a source of energy for the tortoises and support the strengthening of the turtle shell. As a delicate complete feedstuff the AQUARIS REPIT MIX provides optimal nutrition for all mixed stuff eating tortoises. Also applicable as a tidbit for land-turtles.

    Feeding advice: Feed in small portions a few times a day. Feed only the quantity the animal can eat in a short time. AQUARIS REPIT MIX is a complete feedstuff for all mixed feedstuff eating tortoises.

    Ingredients: secondary vegetable products, cereals, fish and secondary fish products, oils and fats, minerals.

  • Guaranteed analysis: crude protein 45%, crude fat 5%, ash 4.4%, crude fiber 3%, phosphor 0.7%

    Additives (per kg):Vitamin A 10.000 I.E., Vitamin D3 1.300 I.E., Vitamin E (Alpha-Tocopherolacetate) 130 mg. Vitamin C (L-Ascorbyl-2-polyphosphate, stable) 100 mg, copper (as copper-(II)-Sulfate Pentahydrate) 3 mg.

    With antioxidants:natural tocopherol extracts, colored with EU-colorants.

    BPlease store on a dry and cold place. Including vitamins best before / Batch nr. / see print.

    Art.-No.: 699608
    Volume: ℮ 40 g / 250 ml
    Art.-No.: 699609
    Volume: ℮ 160 g / 1000 ml
    Art.-No.: 699615
    Volume: ℮ 10 l

Repti Sticks


  • AQUARIS Repti Sticks Turtles food consists of natural feeding animals and plant material. The floating sticks contain minerals, amino acids and vitamins. AQUARIS Repti Sticks is due to its balanced composition suitable for all swamp-, water- and land turtles and other reptiles.

    Feeding advice: Feed your animals a number of times a day in small portions. The quantity should be as much as the animals can consume in a few minutes.

    Ingredients: Cereals, secondary vegetable products, fishand secondary fish products, oils and fats, minerals.
  • Analysis: Crude protein 30,0 %, crude ash 4,4 %, crude fat 3,0 %, crude fibre 2,7 %, phosphor 0,7 %, moisture (max) 8,0 %

    Vitamins per kg:
    Vitamin A 10.000 IE/kg, Vitamin D3(Cholecalciferol) 1.300 IE/kg, Vitamin E (dl-alpha-Tocopherol-Acetat) 130 mg/kg, VitaminC (stabilised) 100 mg/kg, copper (CuSO45H2O) 3 mg/ kg Contains preservatives, antioxidants and colorants allowed in the EU. Products which contain fishmeal and/or lose fish protein must not be fed to ruminants.

    Best before / produced / Product nr.:
    see print. Store dry and cold. Not for human consumption. Produced in the EU.

    Reg. No.: PDV 115 180

    Volume: ℮ 250 ml
    Art.-No.: 699623
    Volume: ℮ 1000 ml