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the specialist in the field of tropical- and pond fish food, aquatic plants and water treatment and care. Strictly controlled raw materials and the innovative production of AQUARIS guarantee that tropical- and pond fish will be fed optimally.

Whether you are looking for tropical fish flake food, pellet food, tablet food, or pond food for the "normal" goldfish, or for KI-JA-KO Koi food for the demanding Koi - AQUARIS always has the best fish food.
The water quality plays, of course, a very important role in tropical fish, as in pond fish. At AQUARIS you will find products with high quality bacteria and products which bind harmful substances such as chlorine. These are the ideal water purifiers. When used specifically against algae or string algae, AQUARIS products will help you in a natural, but effective, way. Aquatic plants play an important role in the oxygen supply of the aquarium. To support the growth of plants in the aquarium, AQUARIS AQUA FLORA is also a reliable product in the aquatic care. Currently, in the reptiles program, a high-quality balanced turtle food is available.

AQUARIS seeks to expand the product range. Only products, which conform to our strict quality standards, will be included.

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Tip of the month

Once the winter is over and the spring starts, koi carps do need a very high-quality and easily degistible feedstuff due to the low temperature of the pond water. Koi carps are poikilothermic animals that rely heavily on ambient temperature and in this situation the wrong feedstuff can almost kill the Koi.
KI-JA-KO Wheatgerm from the AQUARIS collection contains a significant amount of wheat germ – next to fishmeal, vegetable proteins, grains and fish oil of excellent quality.
The wheat germ is important for a good
digestion even at low temperatures.
KI-JA-KO Wheatgerm
is qualified
for all pond fishes.